Disney and Typo make magic

When it comes to Disney, I’m an absolute nut. 

So naturally, when Disney approached me to share with you the launch of their new collaboration, I jumped at the opportunity (Yes, up and down like the little girl inside me). And so, I present to you, Disney’s latest collaboration with Typo, now available in stores and online – through my eyes. Some of my favourite pieces are the perspex clutch, with little gold Mickey motifs, I also love all of the ‘When There’s No Coffee’ pieces because it’s such a great meme, and of course the Mickey ears backpack – gah! The backpack is the perfect size, it’s little and it fits exactly what I need, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing it with me on my adventures for years to come. 


I grew up with Disney throughout my entire childhood and have loved it since I first saw Cinderella’s fairy god mother turn her rags into a beautiful gown fit for the ball. Maybe I was just little girl who believed in fairytales, but hey, I’ll wear that title proudly today. Put it on a badge, even. If there’s a Disneyland in the city I’m visiting, I make sure I go. I truly believe in the magical world Walt Disney created for us and I’m grateful that I’ve being able to experience and appreciate it in my lifetime, and I’m sure I will continue to in the years to come.
I’m also all about collecting things, and am obsessed with stationery. So I love that I now have Disney themed goods to contain my memories, thoughts and keep my constant schedule organised. I personally love memorabilia and connecting my personal items with my own memories. That’s probably why I take lots of photos and polaroids. Something as simple as a makeup bag or pencil case can make me feel a certain way because of a memory or association with that piece, and I think that’s why I love the collection most. My memories and thoughts of Disney have always been so happy and joyous, and the products emulate those feelings. 
I hope I was able to remind you of the magic of Disney through this collection today. 
This post was created in collaboration with Disney & Typo. 


  1. 22nd September 2017 / 11:28 am

    I'm a huge Disney fan too! Love this post. 🙂

  2. 8th October 2017 / 11:35 pm

    You right such great post and visit best places in the world,
    As your fans and followers we would like to see you put up a post about how you started traveling the world and the experience and also the budget and collaborations you do

  3. 26th October 2017 / 5:13 pm

    Gal, love this post. The blog looks so colourful. Could you please increase the font size? I am sure it will make the reading much more enjoyable.

  4. Trinity Nelson
    27th January 2020 / 6:51 am

    Any chances you still have the “Growing up is Optional” pin? If you do, would you be willing to sell it? I’ve been searching for the pin and haven’t been able to find it.

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