Shiny and New: Huawei Mate 10

Christmas is less than five days away, can you believe how quickly this year has flown? 
I know that the New Year usually means time for fresh starts and changes, but I’m one step ahead as I’ve made the switch to the brand New Huawei Mate 10 just before the year is up! 
I’m so excited to be partnering with a brand like Huawei as I’ve only heard good things about the brand and the quality of their phones. It’s only been a week since I’ve switched, and I’m already impressed with the AI-assisted camera taking capabilities on it’s Leica camera. You’ll be seeing more of these photos taken on the Mate 10 on my feed real soon so you can see how great the quality is for yourself. But for now let me share with you some of my favourite features. I went with the champagne colour because it’s so different from anything I’ve ever had before, and it’s so surprisingly chic for a phone? Hehe. It’s also a little festively gold so maybe I was persuaded by the season. Not to mention, I’ve always loved, and basically needed a larger phone as well, so I’m glad I didn’t have to compromise on screen size as the size of the Mate 10 is perfect for someone who is constantly working on photos and video content on their phone. The screen has a minimal bezel to maximise viewing on the phone. Also, for someone who really hates, or possibly just forgets to carry a portable or wall charger around, it’s really not necessary from my experience with the Mate 10 so far. It’s such a powerful and fast phone, but the battery life is still all there after a day of use, including scrolling through Instagram.
Below are some pictures I shot of it looking pretty in my Christmas set up for you to see it for yourself, but I can’t wait to show you what it’s capable of behind the lens real soon. Stay tuned loves!


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This post was sponsored by Huawei, however all opinions shared and words are my own.

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