Also located in the prefecture of Gifu, Takayama is a small city, rich in culture that spans roughly over a 300 year period. We spent about six hours here. See what we got up to below!


Sanmachi Street

I’m obsessed with all the markets and shops that can be found in Japan, but especially love seeing goods made by local artisans and buying souvenirs from specific regions. If you’re like me, Sanmachi Street is the perfect place for it. The streets are lined with beautiful Japanese style architectural buildings, and inside them you can find a whole range of things from ceramics and personalised chopsticks, to local artworks, and even unique sakes from the region. We picked up a whole bunch of small souvenirs for home, and can’t wait until we buy a place, because we know places like these in Japan have exactly what we want to style up our place!

Takayama Jinya

Takyama Jinya is a well persevered government office, dating back to the Edo period. It has now been converted into a museum, and you can wander freely through the building. There is signage, but you can also have a quick tour introduction if you wish to learn the history of the building. Not only is it historically interesting, but there is a gorgeous garden you can view from the inside.


Wear a Kimono

I’ve worn a kimono in Japan about 6 times now from all the trips we’ve done to Japan. There are so many unique kimono styles, that I like to try a completely different one every time. Because Takayama has such a beautiful town, river, and bridge, I wanted to dress up and take photos while walking through here. The town was also covered in snow during our visit, which made it even more magical. We rented my kimono from Kimono NAKADA which will cost you approximately 5,184 yen for a day rental. I chose to go with a very unique and modern pattern, which consisted of black and white vertical stripes, combined with a plum blossom print. What do you think of it? It’s so different to anything I’ve ever tried before!

If you wish to book this activity you can find out more here : https://www.nakada529.com/

Tip: If you choose to do this in Winter, be sure to wear heat tech layers underneath as it’s freezing outside.


Soba at Ebisu Soba Restaurant

Takayama is famous for soba noodles and ramen. We visited the Ebisu Soba Restaurant for a traditional style soba lunch. This shop has been in operation since 1898, and is run by it’s 4th generation owner! If you’re feeling like soba while in Takayama, definitely give this place a go. There’s even a cute little comic provided, which shows you how to eat soba the right way. Note: Slurping essential!


Hida Kotte Ushi

While walking through Sanmachi Street, we saw a line for Hide Kotte Ushi, which generally (and hopefully) means people are waiting for something good! Hide Kotte Ushi is famous for beef sushi. The sushi comes served on a rice cracker, and is deliciously light snack to eat while wandering through the town.

For more information on TAKAYAMA : http://www.hida.jp/english/

Takayama Morning Market

The Takayama Morning market is one of the biggest morning markets in Japan. It stretches for roughly 350 metres along the Miyagawa River. Here, you’ll find locals selling a range of goods from food to souvenirs. Here’s a few of the things we tried as we made our way through the market!

Egg Marshmallow 

Not really sure if it was an egg or a marshmallow. But it tasted like a fluffy and marshmallowy textured french toast? So delicious. If they sold these in bags I’d be their first customer.

Coffee in a cookie

Need your morning pick me up, but hate waste? Look no further as you can get your morning cup of joe in a cookie cup! Yes, eat the whole thing! Plus, they can make it all cute for you with an animal drawing in the foam.

Japanese Apples

This sounds really basic, but if you appreciate fresh fruit, pick up a bag of freshly sliced apples! You can’t go wrong here.

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