48 hours in Shanghai with Renault

So, why were we in Shanghai last month?

We spent a few days in Shanghai with Renault to celebrate the launch of their new design centre located in the heart of Shanghai at The Bund! This centre will see twenty Chinese based designers working together to at Renault, which will cater for clients in the Chinese Market.

To celebrate the launch, Renault took us on a Design Discovery Tour to see and experience elements of Chinese design throughout history, and now being based in Shanghai, how this will reflect on their new journey as a company!

Some places we visited included the Puli Hotel for it’s design features, Yang’s Design Museum for it’s historic design collection and collaborative work, The Museum Of Contemporary Art Shanghai to see a range of modern artists in context, and Banma to check out some amazing new car technology!

We spent the day discussing how Chinese design has been interpreted differently over the years. Specifically, at Yang’s Design Museum we saw how this design company has been commissioned to create designs for many global brands that would appeal to the Chinese Market and how it differs from Western markets. We also discussed the importance of trends, and it was really interesting what they had forecasted to trend in the upcoming year! It was such a pleasure to be hosted in Shanghai by Renault, and can’t wait to see what they come up with in future!

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