My thoughts on the Dyson Airwrap

I’m so excited to have teamed up with Dyson to share with you my thoughts on their revolutionary product, the Dyson Airwrap! As you guys know, I’m often changing the colour of my hair. Since the end of last year I’ve tried everything from green to grey, from blue to pink, even purple(!) and then back to brown just recently. There’s very little I won’t try with my hair. It’s been such a fun journey experimenting with colours and hairstyles, as I aim match my hair to my location! But, it also means I’ve had to up my hair care routine and make sure I’m treating and looking after my hair as best as I can, while also making sure my hair care products fit nicely into my luggage, without sending me over the baggage weight limit!

To be completely candid with you, I used to curl my hair very often since high school via straightening iron, as I loved the loose curl look. I stopped that about one year ago due to the damage that it was causing to my hair. I constantly had split ends to deal with. Everytime I took the straightener to my hair I could feel that it’s texture was getting worse and feeling very dried out, no matter the amount of oil or product I’d apply. I knew I wanted to start dyeing my hair soon, so I had to compromise and help my hair get into shape before I started the bleaching process by the end of the year.

That all changed when I was introduced to the brand new Dyson Airwrap. I’ve been using this product since it’s release in September last year. I’ve finally found a product that allows me to have dreamy, loose waves without causing damage. Most curling irons/straighteners use extreme heat, and I was strictly advised my by hairdresser to not use any heat styling product above 180C. Most products require 200C to create curls that last, and when it gets up to 230C your hair actually melts. Yikes. Thankfully, the Dyson Airwrap consistently stays below 150C. It’s actually insane that no product can compare to it. For the first time in over ten years I’ve been able to use a heat styling product without feeling like I’m hacking away at my hair and causing damage to it. I also don’t have to extend my arms above my head or manoeuvre my entire body just to style my hair. I also love it’s versatility in attachments, by being able to create differently sized curls, while also having a dryer, smoothing and volumising attachments for whatever look I’m vibing.

See below some pics from when I first unboxed the Airwrap, and also some looks where I’ve been using the Dyson in my travels! I always carry it with me when I’m traveling, and I’ll usually bring the 30mm barrels and the soft smoothing brush! I would also love to know if you’ve had the chance to use it in your routine yet! Ever since I started using it I literally will not pick up anything else.

If you want to know more about the Dyson Airwrap or find out where to shop it, click here.

Disclaimer: This blog post has been sponsored by Dyson, however all thoughts are my own.


  1. 17th June 2019 / 10:45 pm

    Your hair does look amazing on all of the photos! And how is it that every color suits u well! xxx

  2. 18th June 2019 / 7:11 am

    So Dyson is a secret of your beautiful hair. I have always wondered how much you can experiment with your hair without damaging it. 🙂

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